Jens Windolf - Ghosts



What is the personal story behind photography projects? Confronted with a photo series many questions come to mind. One in particular intrigues me: what inspired the photographer to shoot the series? Jens Windolf answers.

What inspired you to shoot the series Ghosts?

In general I'm interested in interiors. That interest might come from architectural studies I once did. But furthermore I think a lifetime about a word by Blaise Pascal: All human evil comes from a single cause, man's inability to sit still in a room. There aren't many people in my photos. And this human absence is to create a stage-like setting. What is going to be projected into the visual field is up to the viewer with his own ideas of how to experience an area.

The photos shown here were taken on the site of the main prison for people detained by the former East German Ministry of State Security (MfS), or 'Stasi'. Today the place is a memorial site.

In spite of the historical rootedness and the occurrence of an obviously ordinary furnishings there is a kind of unnameable persistence where from the title derived.

The series is called Ghosts.

By: Saskia Hoogerhuis -

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