James Whitmore



A small interview with James Whitmore...

Name- James Whitmore

Age- I feel young.

Where are you from?- American father, Swedish mother, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

Your equipment- Old Pentax´s, Yashica T4 and various Polaroid cameras. Influences and photographers you like- Everywhere, but my strongest inspiration comes from own lifestories, you can find a lot to dig in from there. There are so many different and it varies all the time. I´m not good at names, but to name someone, Nan Goldin and the filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Why Instant photography?- I have shot with polaroid for many years but not at all with the same cameras and films that I use now. First and foremost, it is an indescribable feeling to see the picture develop. Then I think the aesthetic expression and mood of the pictures almost becomes like a painting, which suits me. Depending on which film you use, it can achieve very different expressions and feelings without sitting hours in photoshop which I detest. So whether it's a Polaroid or other film I use when I go feel no comparison with the digital photography which I do not like.

What gives you inspiration?- Anything sutch music and movies, but my strongest inspiration comes from own life stories, you can find a lot to you in from there. Love is also a very big inspiration. I think there are endless which means that you can build many different stories from it. Just as you can do with dreams.

Upcoming projects- I have lots of different projects that I should and want to do. Everything from life-sized projects, smaller projects. All are equally important and I think it's great fun to spend a lot of time researching, locations and so on. I'm still quite new in the analog photography so I learn every time I do a project.

A little about you- Daydreamer and storyteller who enjoy life. I think love is my biggest drug. For some reason I also have a BA in graphic design and advertising.

By: Carlos
Photo: James Whitmore