Introduction to GUP #8 - Fashion




Constant innovation, quality control, exclusivity and timelessness: four characteristics that every fashion brand would like to espouse. And magazines strive for pretty much the same things. At the start of GUP's second year we gained a few extra centimetres. High quality images remain most important to us. In this Fashion edition we show you the work of some of the most renowned fashion photographers and also introduce to you the portfolios of ambitious new talent. GUP is not the only one carefully exploring new territory. This edition we offer you an interview with Sandor Lubbe, former editor of fashion magazine DUTCH, about his new publication ZOO. He talks about the renowned photography in both magazines. Furthermore, we show you five portfolios that show fashion from totally different angles. Background stories about Ellen von Unwerth and a 19th century Kate Moss complete this issue with the Guide.