Introduction to GUP #6 - Documentary




Photography has never been more accessible. Often amateurs produce unique images with miniscule pocket cameras and mobile phones, quicker than professional photographers. This might be why some professionals seek refuge by digitally manipulating their work, like Lebanese Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj did. Truth in a photograph seems increasingly harder to discover. GUP tries to shine a light on this so called 'truth' in photography. And then there are the portfolios. We see Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski who travelled the world looking for The most beautiful people in the world. And Jonas Bendiksen who travelled through the former countries of the Soviet Union for five years and por- trayed the search for independence by it's citizens in Satellites. The third portfolio shows us Albania through the eyes of young Dutch photographer Bart Mühl. All three stories are filled with emotion and will stay with you for quite some time. Now go, read, watch, discover your own truths in those stories. Enjoy!