Introduction to GUP #50 - Hidden Gems




It’s arrived, le déluge.

With the amount of images flurrying around us at any given time – from posters on buildings, to pictures in our pocket devices – we’ve begun to take them for granted. Photography has become so ubiquitous, so essential, so mundane, that it’s almost invisible. So, how are we to remember to see?

We launched GUP’s website,, five years ago, to give our readers an additional way to view and discover unique photography. It’s a faster medium than print, more agile and immediate – not to mention bottomless. Posting daily updates to the site, whether portfolios or interviews, book reviews or news, we’ve slowly but surely created an impressive archive of the dynamic world of contemporary art photography. It’s something that we hope serves as a steady source of inspiring imagery. As proud as we are, there’s something still niggling at us: with so much to look at, won’t some great projects still get overlooked?

The question of where to give our attention, considering how many things are competing for it at any given time, is a precious one. In a way, we define ourselves through the choices we make, as we decide what is – or is not – worthy of our attention. At GUP, we choose photos deliberately, selecting series that are suitable for web, or suitable for print, or in some special cases, suitable for both. Since each of our print issues are based on themes, however, it means that some of the unique series we’ve come across didn’t get the chance to be seen in the magazine – until now.

For this issue, in honour of the 50th print publication of GUP Magazine, we wanted to take the opportunity to show some of the incredible work that we previously were only able to show online, which, for one reason or another, might have disappeared in the deluge. These are some of the series that remind us, no matter how many photos we may see in a day, to keep digging... because you never know when you’ll stumble upon a gem.

Katherine Oktober Matthews, Chief Editor