Introduction to GUP #47 - The Big Ten




Anniversaries are a time for celebration. This issue of GUP marks ten years of our print publication. Ten years of publishing photo projects from established and emerging artists, ten years of promoting photobooks and events, ten years of articles and interviews about photo-focused artistry and industry. Ten years of love for the medium of photography.

That’s a bit of all right.

Meanwhile, there you’ve been, all along, growing with us. So it was with great pleasure that we announced an open call for submissions of photo projects for this issue. And what a treat to have our readers talking back to us, showing us what they’re making. We received hundreds of submissions from around the world, and included here in this issue are portfolios from – you guessed it – ten of those artists.

Anniversaries are a time for reflection. Since 2005, we’ve watched photography itself grow and change, as more and more people came to have cameras, indeed carrying them around in their pockets as part of their mobile phones, and as the craft of publication has become similarly democratised. There are more photographers now and more photography, as well as more publishers and more publications. Most of us are still reeling from the implications, feeling the volatility in the mass movement – yet some others are finding inspiration for their work exactly in this uncertainty.

Who’s to say where this rabbit hole will lead? But at this moment in time, passing quickly and already gone, we look out to our readers and the photographing public at large for the next line of dialogue in this on-going conversation. Go ahead, we read you loud and clear.

Katherine Oktober Matthews, Chief Editor

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