Introduction to GUP #43 - Sweet Life




Sweet Life. What comes to mind immediately for us – as it surely does for many of you – is Ed van der Elsken's by now famous book of that title: the culmination of his journey around the world, documenting the (bitter)sweetness that life has on offer. For this issue of GUP Magazine, we've taken his odyssey as lead, selecting images that exude the essence of a Sweet Life.

Barry Kornbluh reminisces in a column on his encounter with the great Robert Frank, and we learn that it's those small moments that make life worth living. We felt those vibrations also when welcomed by Bertien van Manen for an interview.

The sweeter side of life also clearly resonates in the works of Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223), Chad Moore, Lukasz Wierzbowski, and Tatjana Schloer – who all share the intimate settings of their personal lives. We also find some elements of 'pure' life in David Magnusson's portraits.. Also included are a beautiful series by Fabrice Monteiro and a preview of a monograph on the legendary Nigerian photographer Okhai Ojeikere.

That and much, much more. We're also proud to include for you an extra feature on the back side of this issue: a rich sample of 20th century photography from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, one of the world's leading art institutions.

To make sure the world will know about our finest hour, we'll be launching this sweetie from the red carpet of the Grand Palais. Yes, our very own booth at Paris Photo! Last, but certainly not least, with our 10th (!) anniversary on the horizon, GUP is preparing for a fresh (re)start in 2015. Marking our ambitions for the years to come, we've adorned this issue with our brand new logo.

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor