Introduction to GUP #41 - Professions




GUP #41 features miners, firemen, farmers, boxers and dockworkers. We focus, in other words, on people that enable our society to function, through their expertise and hard labour. However odd their jobs might be.

Depending on the culture, different professions hold varying degrees of power, prestige and value. The tanners in Cairo that Philipp Spalek encountered on one of his journeys through Egypt have been pushed to work literally on the periphery of the city but, as reflected in an interview with Will Steacy, those people responsible for delivering content in print media are under a similar but more figurative threat of being pushed aside.

From India (Supranev Dash) to Great Britain (Zed Nelson), we have found photographers who are concerned with professions that are under threat
of extinction; that have changed due to technological innovation and scientific progression (Maria Gruzdeva), or that have become obsolete
due to changes in the political system (Simon Menner).

We also make special mention of the legendary Dutch photographer Cor Jaring, who spent a lifetime among the 'proletariats' of Amsterdam and abroad up until his recent passing away.

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor