Introduction to GUP #39 - Utopia




Utopia, as a theme, is hot. Festivals, symposia, and magazines: many seem to be curating their debates and manifestations around the quest for a bright new world. How are we to explain this extraordinary fascination, and why now in particular?

We need a fresh start. Everything has to change. Our lifestyle, our (social) climate or 'milieu'... it's rotten, and it's stinking up the joint. We need to escape this dreadful situation that we're living in today and create an alternate reality. This is a desire that is shared by many and, with winter looming, we decided to jump the bandwagon, towards the end of the rainbow.

Considering you're among our closest friends, we'll share this little secret: the only possible way to get there is through the gate of imagination. Well, it's true that you might've already known that, as artists have always been leading the way when it comes to escaping mundane reality.

The avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century, Expressionists and Constructivists alike, have conquered society in the hopes of finding a more authentic way of living, have explored the horizon in a longing for a new vision.

Today, in the second decennium of the third millennium, we have stumbled on an interesting new generation of visual artists with a Romantic urge to step out of collective pessimism and move on to individual imagination.

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor