Introduction to GUP #38 - Collaboration




To acknowledge the team efforts that often go into works of photography, GUP #38 is all about a revival in the wisdom of '1+1=3'. The contemporary practice of photography demonstrates that the medium can be so much more than just the physical end product of solitary artists' endeavours.

Of course, collaborations between artists is nothing new in itself, but there seems to be a trend emerging in photography which suggests a collective rethinking of the individual enterprise.

There are many ways to manifest the idea of more than one 'author'. Besides the most straightforward approach of multiple photographers working together, collaborative photography can also include a joint effort with the model, a performer or someone working in another discipline. It can even mean a contribution from you, the audience!

Additionally, we're happy to include 64 pages, making for five extra portfolios excerpted from Foto Folio: a retrospective publication highlighting some of the best magazine features since the mid-1960s, arriving from five renowned Dutch photographers.

The Foto Folio books will be launched this autumn, but we can already bring to you a sneak preview!

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor