Introduction to GUP #35 - Celebration




Wingding, hoopla, hullabaloo! GUP#35 is all about celebration. Ceremonies and festivals, glorification and jubilation, hilarity and memorials, they are all included in our wide definition of the verb 'to celebrate'. Not so much to commemorate this magazine – although we can say with pride that we have added yet another string to our bow with the opening of the GUP Gallery in the heart of Amsterdam – but more as a good excuse to be cheerful for the sake of it.

In our seventh year, we just felt the need to wash away the bad taste of crises and sorrow that has lingered in our mouths lately. We are not with Down or Depressed. We are with Kool & the Gang, celebrating and having a good time!

GUP Magazine hereby communicates the spirit and rituals we all hold dear. Freedom, Pleasure, Merriment. Hedonism. But, good students of Life that we are, we are always on the look-out for self-deception and self-satisfaction, and scrupulous in examining the true motives of our actions.

We celebrate, but only in order to come to an understanding of the infinite complexity of human affairs. An understanding that we believe can only come from exploring photography at large.

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor