Introduction to GUP #33 - Stories




Stories, the theme for this issue, are essential to human being. Simple as that: we cannot live without telling them to each other. They are the vehicles for our communication.

Nobody understood this better than Hunter S. Thompson, The king of gonzo journalism was also an excellent photographer, visually documenting his life as a writer, and we are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to present an exclusive selection of his images. Today, many storytellers use a mixture of photos, sound, moving images and interactive tools. A print medium can have its limitations, but in our BKMRKS section you will find links to some fine samples of online visual narration.

A story, to our mind, can also be very intimate and personal. Some narratives can function as a travelogue, a journey. Directed away from the mundane, they nevertheless stay connected to our everyday existence. Or they can become a trip, leading towards the dark space of our inner psyche. This is more than mere documentary. As can be seen through the eyes of Alisa Resnik, Albrecht Tübke, Anya Schiller, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Dorothy-Shoes, Justin Maxon, Lucas Foglia, Michael Christopher Brown, and Michal Chelbin, their stories are closer to what is real than any factual registration of life.

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor