Introduction to GUP #32 - Mexico




What is Mexican photography? Well, there is no clear definition. But after being invited by the Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura for a portfolio review session in Mexico City in September 2011, GUP has discovered its depth and richness.

From Manuel Alvarez Bravo to Mauricio Palos and from Graciela Iturbide to Alinka Echevarria, from celebrated photographers with their 'modernist' black and white aesthetics to emerging talents that dare to show Mexico from different angles, we present a vast range of Mexican photographers. Besides Alejandro Cartagena, Pablo López Luz, Maya Goded and Yvonne Venegas – young photographers who reflect on the fast-changing social landscape and are worthy of following in the footsteps of likes of Marco Antonio Cruz, Francisco Mata Rosa and Lourdes Grobet – a special mention should be given to our portfolio winner, Melba Arellano.

We have also included a special photograph by Enrique Metinides, who spent more than 50 years artfully capturing gruesome scenes for Mexico City's tabloids but is now a collectors' favourite. Finally, supported by Hilda Trujillo from the Frida Kahlo Museum and editor Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, we are very proud to present a selection from the recently discovered Frida Kahlo archive.