Introduction to GUP #3 - Manipulation




With the unique exhibitions of Rineke Dijkstra in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, Cartier Bresson in FOAM, and Loretta Lux in Photo Museum Den Haag, the Netherlands started the year 2005 brilliantly. In addition to the named exhibitions, Holland also hosted the World Press Photo of the Year 2005 Election. Not everyone was overly enthusiastic about the winning image. Photographers are constantly looking for a solution to answer that question. As a result, they may resort to the editing of images. However, adding that little bit of 'something' has a very different effect in press photography and art photography. What is the limit between acceptable editing and conscious manipulation? Check out this issue for an article about this topic. Furthermore, German hit photographer Loretta Lux shows her style of photography. Sketching with the camera, then editing it digitally, with incredible results. Just like Erwin Olaf's recent work; powerful, carefully manipulated images. What to do when photo material starts to waste away? We discuss the importance of good conservation in order to prevent restoration.