Introduction to GUP #27 - The Anniversary Issue




It was on an autumn night in October 2005 that GUP was born – at another magazines party, to reveal our not-so-shy character. But our ambitions at the time were modest: to create a singular issue of a photography magazine; for all lovers of the medium, not just the know-it-alls. It was a hit from day one, as it turned out, even though our cars boot nearly scraped the ground as we cruised the country every two months to self-distribute our fresh babies. Weeknights and weekends were no longer filled with beer and women, but with selecting, editing and proofing. The days of beauty sleeps were over, but the support you gave us kept us wide awake. Yes, it even helped us face the disdainful glances cast in our direction by the few sour-faced individuals that inevitably live in the world of photography.

Now, five years on, GUP is available in 24 countries worldwide, and the ever-increasing circulation proves that we are in good shape. To celebrate this glorious moment, we decided to come up with a refreshing, online platform. More or less functioning as an ongoing double issue, it is our gift to you, for without your loyal readership we would not exist. We will have a virtual presence shortly, but in the meantime we offer you a GUP+ in print: over 250 pages of pure photography. A big thanks to everyone from our editorial staff!