Introduction to GUP #18 - The Fashion issue




It’s been two years since our first and last fashion issue. It was a great success, selling out in just a couple of months (although that could be due to the fact that Kate Moss was splashed across the cover, but let’s not dwell). In this fashion issue we promise to better our first performance. Not only because of the restyle, but the sheer quality and volume of fashion photography that simply outdoes the previous fashion issue. Fashion photography presents us with a task and a half, we have to plough through endless supplies of work by so-called ‘fashion photographers’ who consider shots of good looking, trendy girls set against white backgrounds to be fashion photography. Less to do with photography and more with fashion, we thinks… Anyway, aside from the more questionable material out there, there is a lot of high-quality fashion photography to be found and, if we’d wanted to, we could have filled this GUP ten times over. Consider this the tip of the iceberg.