Introduction to GUP #16 - The Lowlands Special




Finally. The dome tent could come down out of the attic for Holland’s biggest and coolest music festival A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise. Three full days with 55.000 others erupting to everything with a vocal, riff or beat. GUP was there too complete with tent, stand and photowall. The wall was full with equal volumes of hilarious crap and little gems of photos in no time: Festival moments worthy of being pinned up and stockpiled for this Lowlands Special where we’ll be looking back at Lowlands 2008. You’ll see festival-goers’ photos along with the work from nine photographers who turned-out images from this unique festival in their very own style. From front to backstage, the Magneetbar to the Bravo tent. Moments you may or may not have shared to help complete your picture of Lowlands 2008.