Introduction to GUP #10 - Photo Books




For a photographer a project has come full circle if it ends with an exhibition. And it's even more complete when it culminates in a photo book. Many photographers consider a book the most important medium for sharing their vision with the viewer. It's the ideal way to show their work to the world. Moreover, compared to other popular stages for photographers such as exhibitions, magazines and the internet, the photo book is the most timeless document. A reference work with an unlimited expiration date that can be compiled and designed according to one's own insight. The Netherlands has a rich tradition when it comes to producing photo books, which is growing even stronger thanks to the digital revolution that has taken place in recent years. It has become much easier to design and print your own book. According to Martin Parr, the worldwide publication aspect is the biggest problem with Dutch photo books: they rarely extend beyond the borders of the Netherlands. That's a shame, considering that he refers to many Dutch books in both volumes of his worldwide respected The Photobook: A History. This issue is our ode to the photo book-- Dutch as well as international productions. It's time for a good book. Enjoy.