International Photo Festival Leiden open for submissions!



From 11th October until the 8th of November 2014 the second International Photo Festival of Leiden will take place with its theme: ‘New Photographers’.

The International Photo Festival Leiden is an initiative of the non-profit foundation ‘Stichting Talentvolle Fotografen’ and its aim is to highlight new photography talent every year and last year's winners have set the bar pretty high already. To participate, photographers graduated on a photo academy or school within less than 5 years, can hand in a maximum of 4 photos. An independent Jury will nominate 20 photos and composes them for the open-air exhibition where the work will be shown in large format prints.  The final winner receives a reward of € 1.000,- and besides the open air exhibition that is spread out over the center of Leiden, the work will also be shown on a large digital screen (15x4 m) in the City Hall Square of Leiden. This screen is connected to other urban screens in Amsterdam Schiphol, Breda, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amersfoort on which the pictures will be visible as well. With the use of Smartphones (Twitter) the viewers will be able to interact live with the screens. Photos can be submitted until August 15th 2014. Check out the organization's website for more info: