GUP Instagram Takeover: Robin de Puy



From today until June 17, Robin de Puy is taking over the GUP Instagram. The Amsterdam-based photographer graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2009 and has since then made a name for herself as a portrait photographer, covering both celebrities and non-celebrities. Even though many of her portraits are staged, they have something essentially true about them, always revealing the idiosyncrasies of her subjects. De Puy's portraits have appeared in both Dutch and international newspapers and magazines. GUP featured one of her series of portraits and a series called Cosmo Dubai as online portfolios. De Puy was also featured in NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2012.

In 2015, when de Puy began to fear she was losing her creative freedom, she decided to set off across America on a Harley-Davidson to look for distinctive faces to photograph. Until June 26, these portraits are presented by The Hague Museum of Photography in the photographer’s first ever solo show in a museum setting. One of the images of this series was shown on the cover of GUP#49, the Intimacy issue.