GUP Instagram Takeover: Patrick Willocq



From today, Patrick Willocq (1969, France) will be taking over the GUP Instagram, posting images that convey his love of the Democratic Republic of Congo, developed while he lived there as a teenager. This self-taught photographer has lived in Kinshasa, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris, but always returns to the DRC. Tired of images that stigmatised the nation, Willocq's work pays tribute to the beauty, simplicity and dignity of daily life in this central African nation. His recent projects explore non-western narratives and mise-en-scenes in collaboration with local communities, removing them from the usual, clichéd manner in which they are depicted. We first published Willocq’s work on our website last year, portraying the walé’s unique motherhood ritual in ornate colour and intimate proximity and his return to their community is featured in the latest issue of GUP#47, The Big Ten Issue. Photos he posts on Instagram will include these series, as well as others from the Congo.

See more from Patrick Willocq in our archive, or order your copy of GUP#47, The Big Ten issue online.