GUP Instagram Takeover: Dina Litovsky



The thought 'What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily need to stay in Vegas' helped Dina Litovsky (1979, Ukraine) break through in photography. Whilst she was actually studying psychology at New York University, she ventured out to nightclubs, bachelorette parties and fashion shows alike to photograph women, but she put her own spin on it all. During the next 10 days Litovsky will share some of the highlights of her career thus far, alongside her nightlife portraits she'll post photographs from her editorial shoots as well as travel and fashion week, during her Instagram takeover.

Litovsky manages to show a combination of derision, insight and empathy in her work. She visualises her understanding of human nature, with a particular focus on women and the exhibitionist role they play when out enjoying a night on the town. Although it would be an easier task, she doesn't capture them in a demeaning manner, but instead documents them with a feeling of respect. From an outsiders perspective.

Her interest in documenting such human behaviour established itself during her bachelor degree, but she soon realised that the necessary flow of exploration was more effective with a camera in hand instead of sitting behind a desk doing research and reading up about it.