GUP Instagram Takeover: Davide Monteleone



From today and until December 5, photographer and filmmaker Davide Monteleone (1974) will be taking over the GUP Instagram. Monteleone has been working since 2000, splitting his time between Italy and Russia and documenting social issues, conflict and the relation between those in power and the individual in the post-Soviet area. Although a documentary photographer, Monteleone aims not only to inform, but also create images that are, as he says, “an interpretation of an idea”, prompting curiosity and further investigation by the viewer. The artist has won numerous awards for his work, including most recently the Carmignac Photojournalism Award for his series, Spasibo, which explores modern Chechen identity more than a decade after the official end of the last war against Russia. Expect images from this series and others capturing life in these areas of conflict and turmoil during his takeover.

Davide's work is currently being displayed as part of the exhibition Carmignac Photojournalism Award: A Retrospective, open at the Saatchi Gallery until 13th December. Admission is free. For further information visit the Saatchi Gallery website.