GUP Instagram Takeover: Dave Imms



Recently we discussed Deer Hunters a body work of London-based photographer, Dave Imms (1985). He will takeover our Instagram account for the next 10 days, don't forget to follow his adventures.

His sole interest in photography are people and the human condition. Regardless if there is a person in the picture or not, it's almost always about someone. Imms wants to meet and document the lives and narratives of individuals worldwide. “It may sound a little arty, but I'd like to consider my work contemporary-portraiture-meets-lifestyle photography,” he tells us.

Many individuals may be quick to think that Imms is “ripping the piss out of them,” when in fact he is not. “Sure, I am a geek about geeks and I think humour is important, but really my agenda is to raise a glass to people who would rarely be asked to sit for a portrait.” Back in the good old days, asking to take someones picture was regarded as a compliment because you found them attractive or worth of being archived. This somewhat medieval thought forms the central theme of Imms' work. “People are characters and they all deserve a bit of attention and celebration, even if they are a funeral director, a battle re-enactor or a butcher.”

Dave Imms is featured in our newest issue, GUP #45 – Evolution, with another series of portraits. To see more of his work, subscribe now or order GUP #45 as a single issue.