GUP Instagram Takeover: Cristina de Middel



The GUP Instagram is hosting another takeover, this time by Spanish photographer Cristina de Middel (1975), who will be posting images from Mexico until February 7. De Middel is an artist who started her career as a successful photojournalist, then moved on to conceptual reconstructions that blur the border between reality and fiction. The critically acclaimed series The Afronauts first brought de Middel to the attention of a worldwide audience, which explored the history of a failed space programme in Zambia in the 1960s and she continues to investigate photography’s ambiguous relationship with the truth. De Middel will be posting images from The Afronauts, her new book This Is What Hatred Did and others during her takeover.

To learn more about the artist, read our interview with Cristina de Middel, who we spoke with in our series of ten interviews with renowned photographers to celebrate GUP's 10th anniversary.