GUP Instagram Takeover: Bertil Nilsson



Bertil Nilsson grew up in the Swedish forests, but later moved to the bigger city of London where he now primarily focusses on photography, but has also taken an interest in short films. Nilsson will takeover our Instagram account for the coming 10 days during which he will share a wide array of images from his upcoming book Naturally, a body of work which we have previously discussed.

Naturally evolved from the need to explore both the landscape and our role within it. As we know, there is an obvious connection between the two; the human figure and nature. Which is why Nilsson felt the urge to question this relationship. Through the use of colour, shape and dance it turned into a personal journey of exploration: “My interventions took on a theme of tension between order and chaos. I like to align, structure and ultimately control the world around me in a visual manner.” The playfulness that the dancers in his images encompass confronts Nilsson, which ultimately presents him with an opportunity to let go, to allow the chaos around him to unfold. In a way the dancers embody his childlike self.

The project is almost complete, the book will be released later this year but is already available for pre-order.