GUP Best of 2011 - Part III



Looking back, we are quite proud of all the beautiful content we have published in the magazine and at our website this year. We would love to share our 2011 favourites with you in the coming days. Today our art-director Dirk Smit shares his favourite portfolios.  

"My 2011 favourite portfolio is undoubtly Bruce Davidson's Subway (GUP#30 Metropolitan). During my trip to London last year, I came across this work. It was exhibited in Tate Modern back then. I admire Davidson for his ability to show both soberness and rawness, simultaneously, in one photo. The relatively harsh images in our selection of his work give a sharp and realistic impression of New York's metro. Glancing through his portfolio, you almost forget that nothing is staged.  

The cinematic approach of the metro as regard to the majesty of a metropolitan such as New York city made a huge impression on me. Next to that, I have been to the Big Apple several times, so it's all very recognisable. Timeless, despite of their age.