GUP Best of 2011 - Part II



Looking back, we are quite proud of all the beautiful content we have published in the magazine and at our website this year. We would love to share our 2011 favourites with you in the coming days. Today our online editor Shinta Lempers shares her favourite portfolios.  

"Going through all the published portfolios once again, I came to understand that I'm especially drawn to those showing honest and penetrating portraits. The Metropolitan issue featured a portfolio by Wayne Lawrence. The portraits of the Orchard Beach - A bronx Riviera series, show whistfulness and strenght. Above all, they are unpretentious; real. Another portfolio that struck me was Lorena Morin's online portfolio Seeing You, which gives an insight in her life as mother, lover and friend. As opposed to the magazine, I have to say that Bruce Davidson's Subway is my over all favourite of 2011.

Although experimenal photography is beyond me for sure, I love Boris Mikhailov's series Yesterday's Sandwich (Experimental issue). Every day I encounter great portfolio's, and I am in the fortunate position of publishing those online. Of course all the ones that appear at stand out for me, but if I were to highlight a few I would say; check out these once more: Plastic Drift by Sarah Laure Engelhard, Les Creatures Vivantes by Alice Braat and Habitat -featuring a selection of two series by Inka & Niklas."