GUP Best of 2011 - Part I



Looking back, we are quite proud of all the beautiful content we have published in the magazine and at our website this year. We would love to share our 2011 favourites with you in the coming days, starting today with our talented intern May Putman Cramer's favourite portfolios. 

"When I first started interning at GUP magazine (August 2011) I didn't have an extended knowledge of photography. I used the products, the photographs, as a tool to portray a message that related to my study; Fashion & Branding. But other than that I hadn't experimented much with it myself, although I am a very visual person. GUP taught me a lot about photography, and I developed an opinion about the different styles we would put online or use in the publication. After these six months, I have started to realise that although my love for black and white photography was very grand, a taste level for subtle hints of colour have become extremely important to me.

Richard Mosse's Infra portfolio (The Conflict issue) is one of my favourites, have a look here, the implementation of such striking colours in a situation that is actually almost brutal is so absurd that it becomes beautiful. Whilst Soft Horizons by Scarlett Hooft Graafland  (online portfolio) are such soft images that have been rendered in such a way that the tranquil landscapes are given a touch of warmth. My other 2011 favourite portfolios would be Murat Germen; Muta-morphosis (The metropolis issue), Rachel Papo; Serial no. 3817131 (The women issue), Boris Mikhailov; Yesterday's Sandwich (The experimental issue) and Inka Lindergard & Niclas Holm-strom; Habitat (online portfolio)."