Group exhibition Focal Point in Unit24 gallery



The idea behind a 'focal point' of course has an established definition within photography, but it's also a term expressed in other fields. In the context of game theory, it is a solution that people tend to use in the absence of communication. Nobel Prize winner scientist Thomas Schelling described its meaning as: ''focal point for each person's expectation of what the other expects him to be expected to do''. In a group exhibition at the Unit24 Gallery London, this latter aspect of focal points is applied to art, featuring work from Kenji Hirasawa, Darek Fortas, Christopher Oliver and Joanna Sperryn-Jones.

The complex relation between an artwork as an object, which may represent a certain phenomena from the world around, and the artist performative acts of representing is central. How is the artwork communicated to the viewer? How does the audience perceive the artwork in the light of objectivity?

Focal Point represents a wide range of techniques and materials used by the artist. The thermographic images by Kenji Hirasawa (previously featured in GUP#31) will be on display, showing the vibrant reactions of people as they pose next to wax figures of celebrities, rendered all but invisible by the heat-seeking camera.

Come and check out the exhibition yourself in the Unit24 gallery London from 12 March until 10 April!