Fotofestival Schiedam Opens for 2017 Edition: Blueprint




Fotofestival Schiedam, a photography festival with a broad program of exhibitions, workshops, screenings and talks, opens once again this October in The Netherlands. Taking place in various venues around the city of Schiedam, from industrial heritage sites and windmills to former cinemas, hotels and churches, the art isn’t the only extraordinary sphere that this event highlights. As with previous years, the festival aims to investigate crossovers with other artistic disciplines, developments within the photo industry and show the world of choices and thoughts behind ‘the final shot’.

This year’s festival focuses on the relationship between photography and graphic and spatial design. The festival is themed ‘Blueprint’, in order to consider that the reality as expressed in photography is not as fixed as it’s used to be. The exploration and intervention of graphic and spatial design in photography inherently alters the representation of reality. It’s a response to the media culture full of ‘Fake Truths’, journalistic Photoshop scandals and Western beauty ideals. Featured artists include Tessa van Rijn, Reiner Riedler, Lars van den Brink, Jacob Burge, Vincent van Baar, Esther Hovers, Ola Lanko and other top photographers or graphic designers.

Fotofestival Schiedam takes place in various locations around the city of Schiedam from October 12 - 22, 2017.