Forest McMullin - Day & Night



Having always been interested in the documentation of different lifestyles that people adopt, Forest McMullin used such people as his photographic subjects. Ranging from heavily tattooed men and women to radical racists and Neo-Nezi's, even going to lengths of inmates at prison boot camps. His new series, Day and Night, dives into the world of swinger clubs and BDSM lifestyles, shedding light on what we could call deviant sexual behaviour. He pairs his portraits by putting men/women/couples in their ordinary settings on the left side, with a contrasting image of the same people but in their intimate sexual fantasy. This portrays the idea that they are everyday people, and their sexuality and fantasies only make up a part of who they are. A thought that I found very interesting, and absolutely true; people tend to judge us for the smallest part of who we are, when in fact there is so much more to explore.