FOLiLAB by Museo de La Photografia: Mar 28 - Apr 10



FOLi – the first independent museum in South America entirely dedicated tocontemporary photography – participates in the first Bienal de la Fotografíade Lima with an experimental urban intervention: FOLiLAB. Since its inception in August 2011, FOLi or Museo de la Fotografía Lima has undertaken several initiatives in support and promotion of contemporary photography in South America, especially bridging the gap between photographers and their audience. 

Four shipping containers – placed in the iconic Kennedy Park in Miraflores district from the 28th March till the 10th of April – provide a unique platform to introduce contemporary photography to a broader public. GUP is represented in Box 1. Scroll down for more about the boxes.

FOLiLAb trailer: 

Box 1
FOLi Space offers a general introduction to the museum and its external policy, curating exhibitions and events closer to the people. FOLi will showcase its permanent collection, present a mini‐library and tempt existent and new members to explore our partners: Blurb Books, Gup Magazine and Lomography Peru.

Box 2
Multimedia Space presents work of more than 50 photographers who represent 18 countries. A special highlight for Pieter Hugo, the prominent South African photographer, with his collections Permanent Error, The Hyena & other Men and Nollywood, previously featured in GUP #20 and GUP #27. 

Box 3
Permanent Exhibition Room boasts Mexican photographer Alinka Echeverria – winner ofthe HSBC 2011 prize – showing for the first time in Lima her collection The Road to Tepeyac adocumentary on the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Guadalupe. This portfolio is also featured in GUP #31 The Mexico issue. 

Box 4
HP Print & Studio Space, thirteen artists and In‐Residence artists will allow viewers to experiment photographic production in all its stages through multiple dynamics and workshops on photography techniques.

Furthermore an intensive agenda has been prepared with 25 discussion groups and workshops given by photographers, researchers and educators, where photography in all its diversity will be at the core. The Museo de la Fotografia Lima is a non‐profit independent museum founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the collection, preservation and promotion of contemporary photography from Peru and South America.

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