Eyes in Progress - Workshops with Richard Dumas and Anders Petersen



Eyes in Progress have announced TWO new workshops!

The First shall be with Richard Dumas, the celebrated photographer who has worked with the likes of Patti Smith, Keith Richards and Lou Reed! The workshop shall run from the 22-25 of April in Paris and will have a focus on the relationship between photographer and subject, and how to get the most out of them! Applications will be open until March 23.

The second set of workshops will be lead by the fantastic Swedish photographer Anders Petersen. With his work focusing on people living on the edges of society it offers another chance really progress your methodology in working with people specifically with those who face difficult situations. Petersen has won many awards and is best known for his book Café Lehmitz, which was a look into the night life of Hamburg during the 1970's. His workshop will run from the 4-7 May in Amsterdam! Applications for this workshop is open till April 6.