Eyes in Progress



Eyes workshops in Berlin and Paris!

Introspective Photography with Michael Ackerman will run in Berlin, from 21-24 October 2015. This hands on workshop will be composed of daily group discussions and editing sessions. Prior to the workshop commencing each participant will be given a specific assignment to complete. The project will depend on the individual participant and will be defined once the application is confirmed.

Applications will be open until September 23.

The Paris based workshop will be led by David Burnett and run from 28-31 October 2015. This will focus around developing a creative eye as a reporter, with the workshop aiming to help discover your own visual language and get better in the act of looking and capturing the creative image. The workshop will also cover learning how to conceive and construct a photographic image by being aware of your environment and your abilities on the field.

Applications will be open until 28 September.