Encounters Along the Yangtze




Dutch photographer Ruben Terlou (1985) travelled upstream along China’s longest river, the Yangtze, for the successful documentary television series ‘Langs de Oevers van de Yangtze’. The journey carried him from the modern seaport of Shanghai on the developed east coast to deep inland, where Terlou encountered the last remnants of traditional Chinese culture. Having spent many years in the People’s Republic of China, Terlou speaks fluent Mandarin and is acquainted with Chinese customs, offering an outsider’s embedded view on a country that is one of the major world powers. Noorderlicht Photogallery’s exhibition features the photographs taken on his travels, which confront the visitor with his or her ideas and prejudices about China and invite reflection on a rapidly changing country.

Encounters Along the Yangtze will be shown at the Noorderlicht Photogallery in Groningen until June 12, 2016.