Edward Olive



“Couples love their sh*tty own wedding photos that nobody else could stomach looking at for more than 30 seconds unless you knew the people." – Edward Olive

We envy the few couples that look further than these one in a million wedding pictures and end up with Edward Olive. Because Edward Olive is not just any wedding photographer. He's not just any photographer, but embodies the struggle of a great artist who is yet to get the recognition he deserves. Refusing to water his style down for any client, his photos are raw, pure, grainy, erotic while remaining the delicateness and finesse of someone who puts thought in every aspect of his work.

Just have a look at his Flickr photostream and you'll notice that your heart pounds faster.

For more info on Edward, check out this interview CFYE did a while ago.


By: Arden de Raaij

Photos: Edward Olive