EAGER: New Platform for Photo Series


EAGER is a new and enthousiastic player on the photography market. EAGER believes in the power of creative and inspired photo series. Last week EAGER's English website went online.

As from now on the world’s first stock photo database selling photo series is available for international customers and photographers. The EAGER initiative started in April 2011 and aims to become an active and inspiring international photography platform offering at least 1000 photo series by the end of this year. The serial approach is not the only difference with mainstream stock bureaus. EAGER has fair copyright conditions and royalties for the associated photographers (up to 70% of the marge for photographers!)

New professional photographers are welcome to join EAGER and submit their conceptual and serial work. All submissions will be screened on quality.

But there's more. Besides their extending portfolio of photo series EAGER also offers a great and fun online magazine which brings you news, gear and all-you-need-to-know tips & tricks about photography in general and photo stories in specific.