Christophe Gin: 6th Laureate of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award



This year the 6th edition of the Carmignac photojournalism award will be awarded to Christophe Gin for his work exploring the theme of lawless areas in France. The aim of the Fondation Carmignac is to support and promote works of investigative photojournalism in areas that are underrepresented within the mainstream media. Each year explores a different theme with this year's edition focusing on areas of France that no longer conform to political, judicial and socioeconomic ideals of the French Republic, instead adopting their own; so-called lawless areas.

This year’s winner Christophe Gin (1965) focused on the territory of French Guiana where he has been exploring since 2001. Vast landscapes and hermetic societies bound by the river edges live by their own social codes and personalised laws. Gin captures the realities of this unique society as his portrayals of their identity differ drastically from common caricatures presented in mainstream press.

35 selected images by Christophe Gin will be on exhibit at the Chapelles des Beaux-Arts de Paris from November 5 to December 5.