Cara Barer at the Klompching Gallery



Unused and obsolete books are given new life in the work of Cara Barer (1956, USA), who dyes, sculpts and then photographs them, presenting them as new objects of beauty. Barer attempts to blur the line between sculpture and photography, turning these abandoned items into rolled and folded bouquets and questions the book’s changing role in society, with the advance of technology. The pieces are then photographed and printed in large scale with incredible detail, with even some of the original text still visible on the old pages.

Until February 27, 2016, Barer’s photographs are on show at the Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Together with this series, the artist turns her attention to cartography. Barer paints maps, before ripping them up and re-binding them in book form, commenting on the decreasing need for paper maps, when more and more of us have GPS readily accessible in our pocket. Her work re-imagines the abandoned, giving them new life and preserving them as pieces of art.