Bill Cunningham New York



Bill Cunningham (83), a candid and street photographer, for The New York Time, who exploits fashion as more than just clothes. After watching the documentary; Bill Cunningham New York, you may think twice about walking down the street in your favourite pyjamas, even to just roam to the supermarket; there may be a Bill Cunningham in your city. The documentary film portrays the life of a street photographer, who manages to capture styles that only appear on the catwalk a year later. He is far ahead of society.  

Cunningham himself lives in a small studio in Carnegie Hall, one of few that remains inhabited. Amongst a dozen archive cabinets we see his bed and his bike; two of the most important things he owns besides his camera. Having been featured, on a weekly basis, in The New York Times since 1978, he still doesn't ask for money, his thoughts behind that are; it would give the editor too much power over him, and they will start to have a say over what he writes about. Although his focus lies in the eccentric clothing of the New York city dwellers, Cunningham himself doesn't care much for expensive clothing and instead explores the streets in the same blue overcoat he has been wearing for decades, and could be replaced, if necessary, for a mere 20 dollars. 

Throughout the film he tends to repeat the fact that his job doesn't revolve around him, but instead has a focus on people watching and capturing them. It seems that he truly comes to life when a person walks by with the most extraordinary outfit; he will literally run after them to make sure he photographs the beautiful botanical bird. Every column differs, sometimes its filled with an overkill of army green and the next it's roadkill deluxe with only fur coats, boots and hats. 

His nonchalance attitude is what makes him so influential and interesting. The man is very understated in comparison to the subject he enjoys photographing, but still has an enormous impact on our society today. Regardless of what you may think, the documentary; Bill Cunningham New York, is the true depiction of a man at work.