A Pictorial Thriller




If you find yourself in a conflict there are two things you can do. You can run away, or, the more classic option, you can poke the other person in the eye. Option two is explained in one of my favourite books of all time: The Pictorial Guide to the Martial Arts. It is readable as the guide that it calls itself (the author tells us we can use this particular technique in the event of a psychotic hitchhiker, although why this killer got to sit in the back is not explained), but to me it is way more fun is to look at the book as a pictorial novel, a photo thriller if you will. As a bonus you get to make up the words yourself. In this case it could be something like: “Thanks for the ride dude, but since I hate your tie I will now strangle you to death!” The reply: “Oh no you won't’!”

The Pictorial Guide to the Martial Arts, Jim Wilson (1975)