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Noorderlicht Festival 2011: Participants

From 11 September through 9 October 2012 the Noordericht Intrenational Photo Festival in Groningen will present Metropolis, an exhibition about the soul of urban society. This multifaceted and innovative exhibition will provide insight into a process that touches everyone, directly or indirectly – certainly now that 3.3 billion people are packed onto 3 percent of the earth’s surface. The city is an feverish economic, cultural and social nerve centre; it is the place where the dreams of architects and urban planners come to life or collide with recalcitrant reality. 

Included are, among many others, Michael Wolf’s traumatised faces in the Tokyo subway and Michael Najjar’s sterile futuristic urban landscapes. On the basis of work by more than eighty photographers from The Netherlands and other countries, Metropolis Noorderlicht exposes the many sides of the city. To do this, the festival breaks new ground, both in terms of content and design. The six ‘chapters’ and the unusual arrangement in the main locations offer space to the city, and bring across Noorderlicht’s view of the city in an insightful and perceptive manner. Here is a list of participants: 

Abir Abdullah | Evan Abramson | Martin Adolfsson | Anas Al-Shaikh | Mehraneh Atashi | Pablo Balbontín & Luca Marinelli | Giorgio Barrera | Matteo Bastianelli | Nina Berman | Peter Bialobrzeski | Jodi Bieber | Julio Bittencourt | Kendrick Brinson | Giacomo Brunelli | Gregory Buchakjian | Estan Cabigas | Alejandro Cartagena | Fracilins Castilho Leal | Carlos Cazalis | Tiane Doan na Champassak | Rasel Chowdhury | Xavier Comas | Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge | Alain Delorme | Manal Al Dowayan | Stephen Dupont | Brad Farwell | Andreas Gefeller | Ugnius Gelguda | Reinier Gerritsen | Christoph Gielen | Ashley Gilbertson | Paul Gofferjé | Nadja Groux | Kai Uwe Gundlach | Pawel Jaszczuk | Jian Jiang | Gabriel Jones | Nadav Kander | Yannis Karpouzis | Gareth Kingdon | Thomas Kneubühler | Katrin Koenning | Laura Konttinen | Marcus Koppen | Maros Krivy | Ikuru Kuwajima | Gina LeVay | Sebastian Liste | Martin Luijendijk | Sayed Asif Mahmud | Yves Marchant & Romain Meffre | Massimo Mastrorillo | Andreas Meichsner | Cecile Mella | Jean-Marc Meunier | Ivan Mikhaylov | Guillaume Millet | Andreas Müller-Pohle | Michael Najjar | Matthew Niederhauser | Simon Norfolk | Sherman Ong | Louie Palu | Max Pam | Mathieu Pernot | Ohm Phanphiroj | Olivier Pin-Fat | Dana Popa | Selva Prakash | Martin Roemers | Edith Roux | Carlos Sanchez & Jason Sanchez | Hans-Christian Schink | Darren Soh | Elian Somers | Will Steacy | Niels Stomps | Munem Wasif | Shen Wei | Hans Wilschut | Michael Wolf | Devin Yalkin

Metropolis, Martin Roemers

Metropolis (photo: Martin Roemers)

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