Sweet Life 043.


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GUP #43 Sweet Life

Sweet Life. What comes to mind immediately for us – as it surely does for many of you – is Ed van der Elsken’s by now famous book of that title.

PAPERLAB - opening of new press corner for international magazines

Le Marais BHV opens Paperlab in Paris, a new corner dedicated to international press in fashion, art and design.

Eyes in Progress - Visual Storytelling Workshop with Ed Kashi

From the 8-11 of April Ed Kashi (VII Photo) will give a workshop on Visual Storytelling in Barcelona.


Keep it Simple: An Interview with Magnum Printer Pablo Inirio

Pablo Inirio is a master darkroom printer for the prestigious Magnum photo agency, charged with the responsibility of making prints of some of the most iconic black and white images in history. In a world of increasingly few professional darkroom printers, the skills he hones seem today almost like a dark art, both chemically scientific and enigmatically magical. We paid a visit to the Magnum office in New York City to talk with Inirio about the printmaking craft of modern times.

Magic x GUP

The winners from New 2015 have been chosen.


Getting Close By Moving Far: An Interview with Bertien Van Manen

Bertien van Manen (1942, The Netherlands) started photographing in the late 1970s. Since then, she has travelled the world extensively with her small analogue cameras – giving preference to the unobtrusiveness and charm of lo-fi gear over more advanced equipment.

This World is Not Mine by Linelle Deunk

Kahmann Gallery will show a series made by Linelle Deunk in collaboration with the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation and GUP Magazine.

Eyes in Progress - Wedding Photojournalism Workshop with Franck Boutonnet

From the 26-30 of March Frank Boutonnet will give a workshop about Wedding Photojournalism in Paris.

Mono - Call for Entry

Following the success of their black and white book MONO Volume 1, Gomma now has a call for entries for Volume 2. 

New Crisis Photography: An Interview with Enri Canaj

The work of Greek-Albanian photographer Enri Canaj (b. 1980) shows grim scenes, while his photos never look harsh.